How to pick an effective air purifier

Having a pet is a definite plus point, gives you a lot of moral support and great emotional balance in your life. But the pet hair and dander are definitely kind of bothering, irrespective of how much effort you put to clean these with vacuum cleaners. Worse are the floating dog hair, which settles on all your furniture, wiping them often will still be of no help.

Simple Remedies

There are a few simple solutions to deal with , some of which are mentioned below-

  • Sticky Roller- Similar to a Lindt roller, these hand rollers are easy to use and are inexpensive. Just roll them over all surfaces with hair of the pets and then clean the rolls. The better option is the re-usable sticky rollers that are available in the market.
  • Fabric Sweeper- This again is a great solution to floating dog hair, has 2 rollers to lift and trap the pet hair. With the help of the handle you will be able to clean the hair in between cleaning them with no trouble at all.
  • Animal Vacuum Cleaner- There are many of these available in the market, with great suction power that sucks in all the residual dog hair with ease. Easy to clean and maintain, this is one of the best products used to deal with pet hair.
  • Air Purifiers- These need no effort from your side at all. Fix it and forget about it! These work great with floating dog hair, also ensures in keeping the air at home clean by eradicating the airborne irritants from the house.
  • Regular Brush and Bath- Keep your pets clean, we understand that this takes a little effort from your busy schedules. This will reduce the pet hair and dander shedding evidently as most of it is washed off during the bath.

Keep your pets clean and happy and they will keep you happier!